Dalarö Dive Park

  • Dalarö Shipwreck Preserve

Haninge Kommun, in cooperation with Swedish Maritime Museums (SMM), took the ideas and ran with them. It is 2014, and the first ever Maritime Historical Underwater Shipwreck Preserve is about to open up in the Baltic Sea. Three wrecks have been chosen for the preserve, and there will be possibilities to dive the wrecks as well as opportunities to sign up for the full ROV experience.

It has taken eight years of hard work and the co-operation of the municipal of Haninge Kommun and the Swedish Maritime Museums as well as some private actors that just wanted this to happen. The work has been ground breaking, a true learn-as-you-go experience, as nothing like it exists in the world. Anyone, scuba diver or not, can visit the location of the wrecks, and see what is going on in the deep, in real time.